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Review: Bloc Party - Alpha Games

One of the joys of discovering new music is stumbling upon those rare albums that truly leave a marvellous impression on the audience. That joy is definitely felt on Alpha Games, English indie-band Bloc Party’s newest album after their six-year-long hiatus.

The first track on the album, Day Drinker, makes for an amazing introduction to Alpha Games. The energetic and almost chaotic melody that is so typical of Bloc Party masks the rather melancholic tone of the lyrics, which can be especially gl

Struggling to balance your deadlines, wellbeing and socials?

Students have a love-hate relationship with the final four- weeks of semester two.

Indeed, May and June bring the long-awaited warmer weather, longer days and… tons of deadlines. Even before the exam season kicks in, everyone suddenly feels swamped with an endless wave of assignments.

However, during those stressful weeks, having a strong balance between responsibilities and leisure is crucial in order to avoid being overworked.

Occasionally, taking care of your well-being can feel impossible

OPINION: My experience of dating with Bumble

It’s no secret that the iconic yellow and white logo of Bumble, stands unmatched in the dating app industry and honestly I can see why. What initally intrigued me to download Bumble was the celebrated feature where women make the first move. Since I am a direct person, making the first move empowered me to make my own choices rather than playing the role of a damsel in distress waiting for my prince charming to drop an overused pick-up line. If this sounds captivating, here’s some advice to enjo

Review: Placebo - Never Let Me Go

The comeback of British rock duo Placebo should not be missed! Released on March 25th, Never Let Me Go immediately received international praise, and that does not come as a surprise as Placebo’s exciting new record has been one of the most interesting albums I’ve listened to in a while.

Starting from the cover art featuring a landfill contrasted with a lovely skyline, Placebo prepares the listener for an intense musical journey featuring strong content and an experimental approach to compositi

Student-Led Festival Returns to Sheffield

One feature that distinguishes Sheffield from neighbouring cities, especially Manchester, is the slower pace of life, closer to what can be found in large towns. However, for some students, this town-like atmosphere could come to feel restraining since Sheffield does not really offer certain amenities more common in bigger cities, nonetheless, this is by no means always a limitation because the “Steel City” returned into the spotlight. Indeed, from the 25 until February 27, Sheffield University

ShefJam: The video game making competition at your doorstep

Alongside studying a subject I am passionate about and the life experience gained from living away from home for the first time, another notable aspect of the student experience at the University of Sheffield is getting involved with societies. Sheffield societies tend to offer the compelling combination of vibrant communities, the opportunity to actively engage in your areas of interest and even the chance to discover new passions. Recently, one remarkable society event was Shefjam.

Shefjam is

Are student strikes helpful or do they cause more disruption?

Here we go again. Everywhere, starting from social media posts to the large crowds standing in front of the entrances of some university buildings, we are reminded that recently, the University has been affected by another wave of strikes. Throughout campus, discussions relating to the current state of events are not uncommon. Opinions seem to be divided between students welcoming the potential winds of change and students associating the strikes with unnecessary disruption towards their overall

The best places for a night out in Sheffield

Whilst Sheffield may not spring to mind as the best place to go for a night out, it hosts a wide variety of fun places you can spend your evening. From West Street to the local pubs there are multiple venues to explore the nightlife of the Steel City.

The most popular area for student bar crawls is West Street which is home to popular venues like Tigerworks and West Street Live. Although these nights out could become pricey you can always rely on a £5 round in Tigerworks. Within this round you

OPINION: Covid-19 and strikes have done nothing but disrupt my university experience

Good old first year – a time of transition indeed. A time where students leave the comfort of their home lives and embark on a journey of self discovery. The frenzy of fresher’s week gradually vanishes, revealing the huge challenges of student life – making new friends, navigating a new way of life and education, and living alone for the first time.

First year is difficult enough as it is – there’s no denying that – so throwing a pandemic into the mix was quite the experience. Covid has tarnish


Whether Adele features among your favourite artists on Spotify, or if you are simply an avid music enthusiast looking to discover the latest releases, 30 should definitely be on your must-listen list.

In my opinion, 30 is an interesting blend of Adele’s signature vocals and powerful melodies, the same ones admired in the likes of Someone Like You – it is also mixed with more

This album combination beautifully conveys the strong personal emotions the Essex-born singer communicates to the listen

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